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Me'lanie Talent was built upon decades of GoGo Dancing & Promos but has expanded to even more. Check out some of our 21 & over event photos. Click on photos to view full size & details. Click on "Show More" (below gallery) to view more photos.
Pirate Hostesses
2 of our Glam Girls as sexy Pirates. Hostessing & Emcee'ing a party for The NuWavers band.

Photo: Brenda Adams.
Rose Queen Character
1 of our sexy Rose Queen Character costumes for Greeting, Posing, Roaming events. (We can adjust costuming to be more modest/covered up).

Photo: Me'lanie Talent.
Coordinated GoGo's
Chinese New Year party photo by PDXLastNight.
Trained Dancers
Chinese New Year party photo by PDXLastNight.
Top 40 GoGo Dancers
Dancers for all Top 40 music.

Photo: Dragonfly.
EDM GoGo Dancers
Electronic Dance Music Dancers.

Photo copyright Trinity nightclub.
Rock GoGo Dancers
We have Dancers to Rock the dance floor.

Photo: Me'lanie Talent.
Cute GoGo Dancers
Photo: AllClubVIP.
Headliner GoGo's
White party photos by Cosmin Bora Photography
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