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Stylish Dancers
2 of our Glam Girls at the 27th Annual Champagne Ball NYE 2017-2018.

Photo: C.A. Talon Photo; Copyright: Me'lanie Talent.
Singing Character
Have a photo area set up at your event? Let 1 of our Characters set the scene & pose with your guests or sing for them.

Photo: Garth Mortensen.
Multiple Hula Hooper
1 Hula Hoop isn't hard enough? We'll thrown in more.

Photo: Cody Augustine.
Fire Hula Hooper
Looking to add danger to spinning hoops? Watch us light them on fire!

Photo: Cody Augustine.
Belly Dancers
Tribal fusion belly dancer. Entire groups available with enough notice.
Candy Girls
Costumed Candy Girl @ Schwabe corporate party 2017.

Photo: me'lanieTalent.
Fire Fans Dancer
Looking for an exciting & "hot" dance routine? Check out fire fan dancing.
Famous Celebrity Look Alike
Marilyn Monroe can greet, play hostess &/or sing for your guests.
Themed GoGo Dancers
Studio 54 themed corporate party for Smarsh at Pure Space.

Photo: Me'lanie Talent.
Cute Characters
Munchkin / Gnome character.
Copyright: Me'lanie Talent.
Stage Dancers
27th Annual 2017-2018 NYE Champagne Ball in Portland Hilton.

Photo: C.A. Talon Photo, Copyright: Me'lanie Talent.
Classy Ambient Dancers
5th Annual Governor's NYE Ball 2016-2017. Photo: C.A. Talon Photo, Copyright: Me'lanie Talent.
LED Hula Hoopers
Skilled & Poised Hula Hoopers with eye catching LED hoops.

Photo: C.A. Talon Photo, Copyright: Me'lanie Talent.
Roaming Characters
Roaming Costumed Character (Flower Queen) in Ultra VIP Marquee Skydeck at EDC Las Vegas 2015 for Fire N Ice Entertainment. Headdress & bouquet: Me'lanie Talent. Corset & Skirt: Fire N Ice Ent.

Copyright: Me'lanie Talent.
Masquerade Theme Characters
Rococo inspired costumes for the 25th Annual NYE 2015-2016 Champagne Ball.

Photo: C.A. Talon Photo, Copyright: Me'lanie Talent.
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