All Ages Events

Me'lanie Talent has many options for All Ages Events. Check out some of our photos ~ click on a photo to see the full size & details. Click on "Show More" (below gallery) to view more photos.
Flapper Themed Party Motivators
2 of our Glam Girls as Flapper Girls, ready to greet guests, pose in photos & motivate guests to dance.

Photo: VIP Photo booth.
Singing Characters
Let our lovely vocalists sing for your guests in character costumes (or other attire).

Photo: Garth Mortensen.
Holiday Helpers (Glam Mrs. Claus)
2 of our Glam Girls as Modern Mrs. Claus for Christmas events.

Photo: Me'lanie Talent.
Holiday Greeters
1 of our Glam Girls as a Modern Mrs. Claus.

Photo: Me'lanie Talent.
Holiday Helper Elf
Need some Holiday Helpers for your event? Twinkle Toes & other elves are happy to help!

Photo: Me'lanie Talent.
Multiple Hula Hooper
Love watching things spin? Our hooper can spin multiple, regular hoops; LED hoop or a fire hoop!
Photo: Garth Mortensen.
Party Motivators
Party Motivators get your guests up & participating at your event.

Bar / Bat Mitzvah in Tigard/ SW Portland country club for Premier Entertainment.

Photo: Me'lanie Talent.
Cute Characters
Gnome / Munchkin character & others available to greet, roam, interact & pose with your guests.

Photo: Me'lanie Talent.
Fire Fans Dancer
Our Fire Fans Dancer will ignite your imagination.
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